How We Do it

Increased competition to recruit and retain top talent in a rapidly changing diverse workplace has challenged organizations to accelerate and broaden their talent development strategies.  

We help businesses keep up and stay ahead with the following expectations in mind:
  • Individuals expect a workplace where they can showcase their strengths and contribute unique, diverse perspectives while continuing to advance their professional development

  • Teams expect an environment of trust, collaboration and support to experience the satisfaction of success

  • Leaders expect to be equipped with knowledge and skills to consistently align their teams and individuals with business strategy and culture

  • Owners, executives and boards seek confidence that they are setting the right vision and strategies to grow the business and reap the rewards for employees, stakeholders and themselves

How can Lynch Bryan help you meet these expectations?
  • On-demand/Turn-key Training Solutions – Have you prioritized your development needs and identified appropriate solutions?  We can be your go-to resource to provide them.

  • Clear picture of prioritized talent development needs – Do you need help identifying and prioritizing talent development needs?  If your business success is limited by gaps in talent, employee engagement or broader people issues, we help figure out why and recommend ways to close the gaps.

  • Customized talent development processes and programs – Is your organization introducing a change in how you do business?  Or addressing a system wide issue that requires new ways of leading, thinking or interacting?  We design solutions to help.

We Provide Measurable Return on
Your Investment

"We engaged Lori Bryan and her team and they conducted a rigorous analysis of our needs and collaborated with our managers to plan and implement a new action-learning model for virtual project teams. Our return on investment was immediate and measurable in terms of timely accomplishment of objectives, increases in leader and team competencies and improved capability for our high potentials as they began to lead projects within the organization.” ​ 

- Vice President, Human Resources

  Global Manufacturing Corporation

We Value Your Time

“The team found amazing value in the work done with Lynch Bryan. The first Executive Team meeting with our new guidelines generated positive conversation. The biggest skeptic on these kinds of exercises and with the most severe allergy to “team-building” was really glad we did this even though he came into it begrudging what he expected to be a waste of his time." 

- President & CEO, Regional Nonprofit

We AddressYOUR Needs

“Lori Bryan worked with our team over the course of two days. She had the right tone and great insight for what we needed...and she did a great job with the group."

- Founder & CEO, National Nonprofit