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Position new managers for success and equip leaders at every level with skills and tools required to lead a diverse, agile, self-directed workforce. 



Our programs build common ground among your leaders, provide them with knowledge and tools to be successful, and create sustainable performance improvement and accountability for results. We offer leadership development workshops and customized development solutions that include 360 Degree Feedback, Executive Coaching and Training. 

Customized Solutions

Leadership Development Workshops

We design and deliver workshops that meet your specific needs. We also provide train-the-trainer support to hand off execution to your team. Regardless of topic, all of our solutions have three things in common: relevance, accountability and impact.

360 Degree Feedback

Individuals: Leverage 360 Degree Feedback to provide comprehensive, thoughtful feedback that guides development of high performing individuals. This process consists of identifying performance objectives, gathering 360 Degree Feedback, sharing feedback and designing a development plan based on combined feedback and performance objectives.

Team: What if your 360° feedback process did more than provide honest, confidential feedback? This process creates a safe environment where team dynamics take giant steps forward as peers choose to share their strengths and weaknesses, and work together to find solutions.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching is founded in trust and common understanding of objectives. We utilize a variety of assessments and tools to tailor the right support for each leader. 

Signature Programs

Leadership Essentials

Build leadership strength across the organization that drives high performance, problem solving ability, effective performance management and employee satisfaction.

Transition to Management

Avoid leadership pitfalls and leverage the possibilities for success as a new manager. 

A Leader's Guide to Communication - I care. I understand. I add value.

Ensure communication inspires confidence, builds trust and drives results. Powerful as a workshop or integrated into executive coaching. 

Flexing Your Leadership Style 

Meet employees where they are and achieve superior results by providing the most effective support.

The Leadership Leap

Inspire people to make a leap of faith and follow you--even when (and especially when) they have doubts about the goal or plan. 

Cascading and Communicating Strategy

In a world that’s increasingly competitive, complex, and fast paced, effectively communicate and cascade strategy and key business information throughout the organization. Using a racing metaphor, participants explore their role in communicating for organization success. 



LBC Leadership Tools

The following is a list of tools and assessments that we often incorporate into our team development activities. All of these tools can be used online with virtual facilitation. To learn more, click below.

Individual Assessments

Team and Organization Assessments

Program Certifications





Signature Programs
LBC Team Tools
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