The Toilet Papers

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Most of us are spending less time with many people and a LOT of time with very few people. This can be relaxing, stressful, peaceful, crazy, lonely, over-stimulating, comforting, scary—one common enemy (the pandemic) experienced in myriad ways. Just as our experiences vary, so do the ways we adapt. Welcome to The Toilet Papers. Do you recognize yourself below?

Concerned about Friends & Family

Winnie’s concern for loved ones led her to prepare for sheltering at home. She has a supply of toilet paper, paper towels and tissues. Her family is ready to weather the crisis.

But she’s worried some of her friends haven’t prepared. She looks at her treasure of necessities and decides to put together care packages for her dearest friends. After all, how can she rest in the security of her stash when her friends could be at risk?

Organized & Ready

Aubree is making a list and checking it

twice: 20 rolls of paper towels, 48 rolls

of toilet paper. Neatly stacked and ready when needed.

Planning for the Future

David has analyzed the needs of his family and calculated how long their paper supplies will last. He knows when new supplies need to be

purchased and has moved on to more challenging needs.

Finding the Fun

Pete has some toilet paper, some paper towels. Enough to get by until the stores restock. But he’s bored. His toilet paper is taking up space where he stores his sadly unused sports equipment. So, he decides to put it to good use!

These are all valid responses. The important thing to remember is that not everyone is motivated by what motivates you. And not everyone handles stress, quarantine or the transition back to a work in the same way.

When we understand and respect not only what makes us similar, but also what makes us different, we have a strong foundation upon which to build. Stay tuned for more about this wonderful, productive space--common ground.

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