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Lori Bryan

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Lori believes human beings deserve and thrive in a workplace where they can contribute the best of themselves and experience individual, team and organization success. With more than 30 years in the business and nonprofit world, Lori also understands the complexity of leading an organization that fulfills its mission, satisfies its shareholders and attracts the best talent, loyal customers and clients. 

As a practitioner, manager and leader in organizations such as St. Catherine Hospital, the University of Kansas and Hallmark Cards, Lori gained leadership experience and first-hand insight into the importance of leadership from top down and bottom up. Lori became passionate about figuring out better ways to get things done. She is obsessed with helping others build common ground, instilling the importance of front-line leadership, and convincing executives to be crystal clear about the “why” of their organization’s direction. She is a connector, big picture thinker and takes joy in thinking outside the box. 

Lori began her consulting practice as a sole practitioner and enjoyed working for a variety of organizations and industries – insurance, financial services, health care, energy providers, consumer goods, and nonprofits serving victims of sexual assault, patrons of the arts, indigent patients, and animal lovers. She traveled domestically and internationally and absorbed an appreciation for other cultures along with an understanding of the common ground we all share and the importance of meeting people where they are.

Lori founded LBC to expand her ability to help organizations get better at developing their talent. She assembled a team of diverse, smart, creative experienced professionals to make that happen. Lori and her team take time to understand the client’s needs, push them to dig deeper to unravel problems, and balance recommendations for solutions with the organization’s capabilities, capacity and culture. 

Aside from Lynch Bryan Consulting, Lori is involved with large family activities, chasing pets, reading, swimming and binge-watching television as time allows. 


B.S. Journalism
B.A. Personnel Administration

M.A. Organizational Communication University of Kansas


Insight Inventory
Lominger   Competencies
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Denison  Culture Model
Everything DiSC   Suite
Situational Leadership
True Colors
Development Dimension International











Association for Talent Development


Society for Human Resource Management

FIRE (Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education)

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Investors in Hope

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