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New teams. Existing teams facing new challenges.Teams that collaborate with other areas. Effective teams. Dysfunctional teams. They all benefit when you invest in their performance.  


Customized Team Solutions

Effective teams start with trust and common ground. From there they are empowered to discuss and resolve challenging issues, hold each other accountable, strengthen products and processes, and provide superior customer focus. When you invest in teams, be prepared for excellence.

Customized Team Solutions

We tailor proven solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities your team faces:


  • Team Leader Assimilation – Whether you are a new leader to an existing team or a leader who is responsible for building a new team, the Leader Assimilation is a smart way to gain common ground quickly, share expectations and challenges, and set team norms. The small amount of investment early on pays huge dividends.


  • Team Reboot – If your team has gotten off track or faces a significant change or new opportunity you might consider a Team Reboot. This customized solution typically includes the collection of input from team members about what’s working/not working, followed by working sessions to prioritize and address issues. We often include tools and concepts found in the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Participants tell us this process is time well-spent, leading to less wheel-spinning and more progress, increased momentum, and creation of the skills to get unstuck in the future.


  • Team Strategy Retreat – When an organization sets strategy and direction, the best teams seize the opportunity to align their priorities accordingly. A strategy retreat is facilitated so that all team members can weigh in, share perspectives and most importantly, create a cohesive plan for the team to follow. Objectives are established, shared goals are identified, and timelines are created. The team is ready, role and responsibilities are clear, and milestones and measurements make it easier to track progress.  

  • Cross-Functional Team Experiences – Sometimes it's not enough that your intact team performs effectively. You have the added complication of working with other groups or teams, resulting in either productive collaboration or an impediment to success. Our cross-functional team work sessions establish common understanding of roles and responsibilities, goals and objectives, and potential redundancies or gaps while strengthening trust and cross-functional problem solving.

Signature Programs


Give Your Team the Business

Establish a common vision of success, norms and expectations needed to accomplish the business of teams.

The Great Race

A powerful event that builds knowledge, teamwork and collaboration, and strategic thinking.

The Gorilla in the Room 

Get people talking about--and solving--the issue everyone is avoiding.

Backpack Bragging and the Team Resume

Understanding what makes each of us great makes the team great

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team TM

Embrace the five behaviors that enable superior results and understand how personal style can both support and impede these behaviors.

Teamwork and Collaboration

The team is the engine that powers results. Prepare teams for success by empowering them to fire on all six collaborative cylinders: common purpose, clarity, consensus, commitment, courage, communication.



LBC Leadership Tools

The following is a list of tools and assessments that we often incorporate into our team development activities. All of these tools can be used online with virtual facilitation. To learn more, click below.

Individual Assessments

Team and Organization Assessments

Program Certifications

Signature Programs
LBC Team Tools
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