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The role of talent development professional has never been more challenging or more rewarding. We can help.


With our combination of front line leadership experience and consulting expertise, we can:

  • Help identify and prioritize development needs and solutions to support and grow the business

  • Serve as a peer sounding board 

  • Provide a pair of hands to get work done quickly and effectively

Our services include system-wide employee and organizational solutions, customized talent development programs, turn-key training workshops, and executive and leadership development experiences. ​

We build relationships with talent development professionals that are based on trust, expertise and our commitment to client success. The following are some of our organization-transforming solutions.

Customized Solutions

One Company / One Culture

A strategic approach to integrating people, products and processes. Key components:

•    Create and cascade one company vision, values and priorities

•    Equip leaders to achieve the vision with a consistent skills foundation

•    Build and engage teams across levels, departments and locations 

•    Improve processes and outcomes via cross-functional, cross-location teams

From Unconscious Bias to Intentional Inclusion

Turn understanding of personal unconscious bias into your organization's path to a more open and inclusive environment that strengthens employee satisfaction and retention, while providing a welcoming environment for all clients, guests and stakeholders.

Strategic Roadtrip

Engage all departments and levels of the organization in strategic planning, encouraging break through thinking, creation of aggressive and achievable goals, and strategic alignment throughout the organization—all while laying the groundwork for strong teamwork and collaboration during the execution phase.

Succession Planning

Ensure leaders develop at all levels, creating a pipeline of diverse, well-equipped talent supported by robust transition plans.

Employee Satisfaction Initiatives

Gain honest and productive feedback from employees, build high impact action plans, and ensure ownership of ongoing initiatives. We keep accountability at the forefront.

Customized Workshop Development and Delivery 

Curriculum Development programs drive desired behavior change through a skillful combination of technical and general competency best practices, engaging activities, real work application and tool kits.

Process Improvement

We blend all process improvement work with a change management plan to support successful implementation. Where appropriate we include a secondary objective such as competency development or strengthening teamwork and collaboration.


Equip internal trainers to skillfully deliver customized programs and workshops.

Needs Analysis

We support your need to understand core issues through employee and stakeholder focus groups, surveys, and interviews.

LBC Organization Development Tools

The following is a list of tools and assessments that we often incorporate into our team development activities. All of these tools can be used online with virtual facilitation. To learn more, click below.

Individual Assessments

Team and Organization Assessments

Program Certifications

LBC Organization Development Tools
Customized Solutions
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