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Because the front line makes the difference.


We create and execute customized strategies to support major workplace change, design systems and processes to drive business results, and deliver skill building activities to help employees acquire fundamental and emerging skills required for a fast-paced work environment. 

We offer high impact solutions in:

  • Employee Skill Development

  • Employee Satisfaction Initiatives

  • Culture Initiatives

  • Process Improvement

Customized Solutions

Employee Satisfaction Initiatives 

A powerful approach to transforming employees' honest opinions into increased loyalty and satisfaction--and results.

Building a Critical Mass of Behavior Change

Identify the most important behaviors needed for success and raise up these behaviors across the organization


Focus on the Opportunity - Process Improvement

Take a strategic look at the business and create more effective ways to design and align work and cascade priorities.

Signature Programs

Unconscious Bias

Turn understanding of unconscious bias into a personal plan to overcome negative bias. This program provides a powerful foundation for systemic change.

Focus on the Opportunity - Problem Solving 

Prioritize and create action plans for problems and opportunities.

Service for Success

Discover how to connect to all customer types in a variety of situations and leave customers satisfied by superior service.

Managing Conflict at the Site

Manage conflict effectively and positively. The customer is always watching.

Make Conflict Work for You

Raise difficult issues in a healthy manner, focus on important areas of disagreement, solve for core issues, and gain 100% support for disputed decisions.

6 CCs of Collaboration

The team is the engine that powers results. Prepare teams for success by empowering them to fire on all six collaborative cylinders: common purpose, clarity, consensus, commitment, courage, communication.

Marketing Change

Unsatisfied customers of change can derail any change effort.  Participants learn to anticipate points of resistance, developing plans that improve the acceptance and implementation of change initiatives.

LBC Leadership Tools

The following is a list of tools and assessments that we often incorporate into our team development activities. All of these tools can be used online with virtual facilitation. To learn more, click below.

Individual Assessments

Team and Organization Assessments

Program Certifications

Customized Solutions
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